'Fifty Shades Darker' Spoiler Reveals Christian Grey Has Major Competition for Ana

All is fair in love and war -- and even a guy like Christian Grey can't afford to let down his guard when it comes to keeping a woman like Anastasia Steele in his life. Rumor has it Fifty Shades Darker will find Ana caught in a love triangle between Grey and Jack Hyde -- who will be played by one heck of a hot actor.


British actor Henry Cavill, who played Superman in Justice League, has reportedly been cast in the role of Anastasia's boss. If you recall, Grey wanted to mix business with pleasure in the Fifty Shades sequel when he offered Ana a job at his company. She wisely turned him down and instead accepted an offer at a smaller publishing firm led by Hyde. The only problem is that Hyde turns out to be a psychopath who makes sexual advances at his new personal assistant and pretty much tries to blackmail her into sleeping with him.

In one of the oddest moves a billionaire businessman would never make, Grey finds out that Hyde is hitting on Ana and warns him to keep his distance -- and he then makes sure no hanky-panky can happen by buying out Hyde's company and putting him out on the street. A little extreme, no? Let's hope Grey thought of it as a smart biz move, as well, instead of just a super stalkerish, insane act of jealousy and revenge.

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In Fifty Shades Darker, Hyde will come between Ana and Christian and we hear writers are planning to make it more of a thriller than a romantic, sexy film because they want to attract a larger male audience. It's not like the movie franchise needs even more fans, but hey -- whatever gets Cavill on board and in between Christian and Anastasia works for me!

The only question I have is: Will they make Hyde a more sympathetic character who Ana actually falls for? As he stands now, his only redeeming quality is his good looks.

What do you think about Fifty Shades Darker focusing on a love triangle involving Christian, Ana, and Jack?


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