20 Times Dakota Johnson Gave Us Serious Hair Envy (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Jul 2, 2015 Movies
20 Times Dakota Johnson Gave Us Serious Hair Envy (PHOTOS)

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All eyes on Dakota Johnson ... and that hair. The Fifty Shades of Grey star has the most enviable bangs since Zooey Deschanel, but she's also gorgeous without them. Or blonde. Or a mix. Dakota is quite the hair chameleon, and able to effortlessly look stunning no matter what hairstyle she has.

Whether she's brunette or blonde or something in between, our Anastasia Steele gives us a big case of hair envy. Check out her sexiest hair looks.

Which hairstyle is your favorite?


Image via INFphoto.com

  • Fierce look.


    Image via Splash News

    The hair matches that incredible winged eyeliner -- fierce, fabulous, and totally sexy.

  • Short and side swept.


    Image via Dakota Johnson/Instagram

    She's such a chameleon. Dakota's short 'do with side swept bangs gives her a completely different look. This is a great summer style.

  • Simply sexy.


    Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

    This look seems easy to maintain and has that mysterious feel that is 100 percent movie star.

  • Fabulous fringe.


    Image via Richie Buxo/Splash News

    Behold the perfect fringe. I love her beachy waves that are perfectly in check.

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  • The wispy updo.


    Image via Gigi Iorio/Splash News

    This gorgeous updo isn't at all fussy. Instead Dakota has some wispy hairs making it extra sexy.

  • Braided.


    Image via Splash News

    Messy hair can be super sexy, especially when paired with a braid.

  • Pretty pomp.


    Image via Digital Focus Intl/Splash News

    What a face! Such a beauty, Dakota can really wear any hairstyle in any color. This pompadour-esque updo is exquisite.

  • Honey blonde.


    Image via XactpiX/Splash News

    This warm blonde color looks lovely on Dakota. Whoever does her hair needs to be commended.

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  • Middle part.


    Image via Splash News

    The middle part with flyaway long layers is one of those seemingly effortless looks that actually could take a bit of time to perfect. Love the simplicity of it.

  • All out blonde.


    Image via Corbis/Splash News

    The super light hair with the darker eyebrows is a look Dakota pulls off well.

  • Natural beauty.


    Image via Splash News

    Dakota is a really a blonde and here she is in what I think may be the closest to her natural color. Stunning.

  • Mermaid waves.


    Image via Richie Buxo/Splash News

    Dakota's long blonde mermaid waves are adorable. Her bangs are more subtle here giving her a very different look but we cannot deny those memorable cheek bones.

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  • One sided.


    Image via Richie Buxo/Splash News

    Back in 2011, Dakota sported this look for a gala. No bangs. Hair all swept to one side. Very flirtatious.

  • Model hair.


    Image via Janet Mayer/Splash News

    Dakota most likely changes hairstyles so much because she was a model -- and she had some of the best stylists trying all kind of things with her locks. Like this look for an event back in 2008.

  • Ponytail goddess.


    Image via INFPhoto.com

    This is the perfect example of a fashionable ponytail. Well done, Dakota.

  • Sexy librarian look.


    Image via Felipe Ramales/Splash News

    This sides up style is what I would call a sexy librarian look. The glasses certainly help seal that.

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  • Highlights.


    Image via Felipe Ramales/Splash News

    Dakota's tonal highlights are killer. The perfect look to brighten up darker hair.

  • Top knot.


    Image via Lek/INFphoto.com

    I know, I know -- it's just a top knot. But it's one heck of a good one. This isn't just the hairstyle to wash your face at night. It's a look -- a slightly unkempt sexy look.

  • Wild.


    Image via 247PAPS.TV/Splash News

    Look at that girl! That bounce in her hair is just fantastic. I love the side part and the super long bangs.

  • Piecey bangs.


    Image via WUF/Splash News

    The warm brown color of Dakota's hair is so luxe and with the slightly lighter ends, it gives this look an extra oomph. I adore the piecey bangs, too.

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