EL James Is Dirty, Filthy Rich Thanks to 'Fifty Shades' -- You Won't Believe What She's Worth

el james

EL James is rich -- dirty, filthy, sexy rich -- thanks to her every-growing empire known as Fifty Shades of Grey. It was just reported that James is now worth an impressive 37 million pounds, which translates to over 58 million American dollars. We know Grey's author has quite the imagination, but I bet she never ever thought this would make her so many millions.


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She's worth even more though since this money figure doesn't include anything from the first movie. And we have at least two more lined up after that. Nor does it include any cash flow from the new book Grey

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My goodness. SEX SELLS! Sex will make you rich! And she didn't even have to be a porn star! She's breaking records, that EL! She did top the Forbes rich list on the literary side in 2013. The movie brought in bucks. And there is a constant influx. This is no big shocker for me. Everyone and their babysitter was reading the books. For real. Even my kids' babysitter had a copy she would sneak in with her nursing school books when she watched my kids. No big deal. As long as it wasn't the bedtime story she read to my little ones, I had no problem with her fantasizing about Christian Grey while sitting on the couch after the kids went to bed. (I may have done the same thing.) And the movie? I was there opening weekend. I may or may not also have the DVD with the special scenes.

More Grey, more money. Christian would be proud.

How much money have you contributed to the EL empire?


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