'Fifty Shades Darker' Insider Gives Insight on Jamie Dornan Going Full Frontal

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Rumor had it that for the right price, Jamie Dornan would go full frontal in Fifty Shades Darker. In the first installment of our dom-rom, Jamie went almost there. In my opinion, it was just enough -- breathtaking and unexpected and in the moment perfection. It seemed fitting that Fifty Shades would get increasingly risque with each subsequent film, but the movie's costume designer, Mark Bridges, notes that leaving it to our imagination would be sexier.


Regarding these full frontal rumors, Bridges told the Daily Star Online:

I don't need it all spelled out for me, things left to the imagination are better. But the people who are involved in the later films must know something I don't know.

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I'm scratching my head. I feel a power struggle might be happening here. Maybe some on the film are chanting "Full frontal Jamie! Full frontal Jamie!" while others are shouting "Keep it in your pants! Keep it in your pants!" I'm with the latter camp, though a tiny bit of me is chanting "full frontal." It all depends on how it's done, of course. This shouldn't be the focus of Fifty Shades Darker. Give me plot lines and strong characters and steamy sex scenes and emotions! Seeing Jamie's nether regions? Sure ... but only if it makes sense. I feel the same about Dakota Johnson's nudity as well.

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Bridges, though, should know what's going on with the clothes ... or lack of, right? He is the costume designer. Everything seems a bit mysterious -- perhaps it's all being worked out as we speak. He did say that it was a challenge to get Jamie ready for the role since Charlie Hunnam was fitted for it, and then there was that last minute change. "He is already a model so it made my job easier as it's hard to make him look bad," Bridges said. Or, you know, just have him naked more -- that would make it all easier.

What do you think of Jamie going full frontal -- necessary or not?


Image via Fifty Shades/Instagram

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