EL James Is Writing Another Book -- We Can't Wait

The woman will not be stopped — EL James is writing a new book, but it isn't the one you're probably hoping to read. The Fifty Shades of Grey author, who recently published Grey, told in the point of view of Christian Grey, isn't taking even a moment's rest after the enormous success of her trilogy and first film. She's back at her computer creating a brand new work of fiction (we think).


Talk about motivated. James is able to ignore any and all criticism of her being a "lazy" writer who is trying "cash in" for publishing a retelling of Fifty Shades in Grey's words because a) the fact that Grey is the top Kindle pre-order book of 2015 on Amazon kind of says it all and b) James clearly has the confidence to know her writing isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea and that's okay.

So it seems, as James was getting Grey's voice out of her head and telling his and Anastasia Steele's story, she was also working on another book — the details of which have yet to be revealed. We can assume her latest project will be different from Fifty Shades because she made it clear that things got pretty "crowded" in her head while working on both titles. So now, the burning question: is James actually working on a fifth book in the series? Is she creating new fictional characters? More BDSM or raunchy sex?

Or maybe she's dabbling in non-fiction? Penning an autobiography?

Given the way James was able to keep Grey a secret until almost the second before it was published, I don't expect anyone will find out the juicy details of her new book for awhile.

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Unlike Twilight's Stephenie Meyer, who faced the challenge of making the leap from young adult fiction to adult fiction when she published science fiction romance The Host, James obviously already has a built-in adult fanbase. The question now is: will they accept a new project that doesn't involve Ana and Christian?

Will you read EL James' new book?


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