First Photos From 'Ghostbusters' Leaked & Melissa McCarthy Gives Away Major Hint (PHOTOS)

ghostbusters castPhotos from the upcoming reboot of Ghostbusters are haunting the Internets and giving us the teensiest of hints about the movie. Here's what the cast looks like and everything we know about the movie so far.


Production began on Wednesday in Boston, though the story is set in New York City.

kristen wiig

According to the Boston Herald, Kristen Wiig plays a Columbia University professor -- obviously, as you can see from the tweed skirt suit. (P.S. none of my professor friends ever wear anything like that.) She and the character played by Melissa McCarthy publish a book suggesting that ghosts are real, and Wiig's character is laughed out of academia.

katherine mckinnon melissa mccarthy

Here's Melissa McCarthy and Katherine McKinnon running with what looks to be some specialized ghost-capturing equipment. Goggles, a stained jumpsuit, a backpack? Either McKinnon just left Coachella or she just had a close encounter with a slime ghost.

Did someone say slime? Here's director Paul Feig, playing with the stuff. According to an insider the ghost known as The Slimer is making a reappearance in the new Ghostbusters! No word yet on Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd, though.

And no sighting of the Ghostbusters' receptionist, who will be played by Thor. I mean, Chris Hemsworth. Personally I'm hoping they find a reason for him to go shirtless at some point in the movie.

Do you think this Ghostbusters will hold up to the original?

Images via Prahl/Rocke Splash News

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