15 Sexy Lines From 'Grey' That Have Us Squirming in Our Seats

fifty shades of grey

It's here! A new installment in the Fifty Shades of Grey love story, simply titled Grey, is told by Christian's point of view. Which means we get a deep look inside the mind of our kinky leading man. And what a dirty mind it is. Grey goes further than the other books. It is your naughtiest fantasies coming alive in the written word -- with the perfect amount of cheese factor and titillating text. Get ready ... here are some of the sexiest lines from Grey.


1. "Her words travel directly to my dick, passing 'Go' on the way. Fuck. This calls for -- what did she call them? SHOUTY CAPITALS."

2. "Should I be gentle and prolong the agony, or do I go for it?"

3. "Don’t you have a gag reflex?’ I marvel at her as I catch my breath."

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4. (About whether or not Grey had anal sex with Mrs. Robinson.) "Yes. And her large rubber strap-on."

5. "In my room. Just you, me and the cable ties."

6. "Are you biting your lower lip deliberately?"

7. "She lays on the bed, helpless, her skin pretty in pink, and she’s panting, too."

8. "My tongue torments her, and she moans and tips her head back against the wall."

9. "If you spill the wine, I won't let you come!"

10. "With one flick, the leather tongue bites her clitoris and she shouts out in a gargled cry, 'Oh, please!'"

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11. "And finally she explodes around me, shouting out her release and pushing me into an intense, draining climax where I lose all sense of self."

12. "Yessss. I come quickly, losing all reason as I explode inside her. I still. Filling her. Owning her. Reminding her that she's mine."

13. "To hear my name on her lips is a strange delight. She's said it about half a dozen times now, and each time it's different."

14. "Her sharp intake of breath is music to my dick."

15. "'I'm going to have you now,' I declare, and I lift her so that my erection is poised beneath her. 'Ready?'"

We are READY, Christian. (SHOUTY CAPITALS!)

Which line is your favorite?


Image via Fifty Shades of Grey/Instagram

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