'Grey' Secrets Released -- Prepare for More Raunch Than Ever

christian grey

It's here. The new book. Grey is being read by Fifty Shades fans and foes and the reports are in. The verdict? Mixed. Did we expect anything else? There will always be the lovers and the haters when it comes to Christian Grey, but I'm firming standing with those who want to be spanked lightly or flogged hard. Give me Grey, in all its glory! And glorious, it is! It raunchier and naughtier and is going to make you blush. Here are some of the highlights from the new book.


1. The new book, Grey begins with a dream sequence featuring three toy cars and some references to Christian's totally messed up childhood. He did grow up with a crack whore mom and we learn a bit more about that.

2. This may become one of the book's catchphrases: "Maybe this will stop if I fetter, fuck and flog her ... and not necessarily in that order." I'll take "fetter, fuck, and flog" over "Laters, baby" any day.

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3. Christian continues to profess how he just can't quit Ana in the most *cough* eloquent of ways. "Anastasia, I've told you. There's something about you. I can't leave you alone. I'm like a moth to a flame."

4. Ana's roomie and lover of Christian's brother is hated by Mr. Grey. Yes, Christian loathes Kate.

5. He does love Dafur though. See? He's a humanitarian and he is working on a project to help those affected by the conflict.

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6. The reactions on Twitter are a bit all over the place, but one reader shared this excerpt: "An image of her shackled to my bench, peeled gingerroot inserted in her ass so she can't clench her buttocks, comes to mind, followed by judicious use of a belt or strap. Yeah ... That would teach her not to be so irresponsible. the thought is hugely appealing." (Thank you, reader. Also: gingerroot?!!? OMG!)

7. Ready for another line: "I like my women in skirts. I like them accessible." (This one ... no thanks. But I will say that I'm still a little turned on.)

Are you excited for the book? Can you believe some of these things?!


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