EL James Accused of 'Lazy Writing' After 'Grey' Is Released

Some Fifty Shades of Grey fans (and haters) are slamming author EL James for "lazy writing" and trying to "cash in" on the enormous success of her trilogy and films by publishing a reboot told from Christian Grey's perspective that they say doesn't live up to its hype. James' Grey was released at midnight and, in true Twilight fashion, fans downloaded their copies or waited for them to be delivered to their doorsteps and spent the entire night earnestly reading instead of sleeping. But some critics say they would have been better off getting their zzzz's. 


James shocked Fifty Shades fanatics last month by announcing she would soon be publishing a book told from Grey's point of view that captures the exact moment he fell for Anastasia Steele and gives readers a bit more insight into what makes the billionaire tick. Grey immediately became the top Kindle pre-order book of 2015 on Amazon and publisher Vintage Books said demand for the book matched that of Fifty Shades, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed.

Cue the haters.

Lots of people came out on Twitter to express just how they feel about Grey mania and what they're referring to as James' "lazy writing." Here are a few reactions:


James says she made the decision to write Grey because her audience demanded to hear Christian's inner voice, and I buy it — but yes, I also believe she isn't opposed to making more money than most people will see in their lifetime. If she wanted to create the Thinking Woman or Man's art and live in a studio apartment, she would have become a poet (assuming she has poetry in her).

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Few writers find economic success and, despite what I or anyone else might think of her actual writing style or talent, at least she has the confidence to put out something she believes in. For better or worse, her books captured the imaginations of millions of people — you can't fight facts — and without demand, "EL James" wouldn't exist.

And, anyway, all the critics in the world aren't stopping readers from taking a "sick day" from work so they can finish Grey.

Do you think it was lazy of EL James to write a book from Christian Grey's perspective? 


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