New 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Video Shows Just How Hilariously Messed Up the Movie Is

If you're a huge Fifty Shades of Grey fanatic — the type of fan who refuses to accept any criticism of the film, get ready to protest everything you're about to see — because a hilarious video was just released that pinpoints every single thing that is wrong with the movie, in less than 20 minutes.


Few films are perfect, right? Any, anyway, perfection is in the eye of the beholder, unless you're talking about The Godfather or The Shining or similar films that silence even the harshest critics. So, when it comes to Fifty Shades, you have to expect people to call the film out for both technical errors and silly, unrealistic details — even director Sam Taylor-Johnson famously clashed with author E.L. James because she didn't agree with some of the choices made on the film's set.

With that said, this video does a really good job at highlighting each and every flaw, which you probably overlooked because you were waiting for the hot sex that never, ever comes. Oh, okay, some version of sex comes after 40 painful minutes, but I'd argue Jamie Dornan's abs are an acceptable substitute.

Anyway, check out the funny video and see what you think:

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From the smallest mistake — Anastasia Steele's roommate is totally lying about being sick and how many supermodel receptionists leave their guests to open and then fall through heavy doors? — to major problems with dialogue that make us question a character's traits, you have to admit the video is spot-on. My fave revelation: why should we go on thinking Ana is awkward and shy when she basically disses Christian five minutes after meeting him? Unless she's pretending to be meek (smart girl), I'm not buying it either.

Regardless, a few (or a great many) mistakes aren't going to make fans miss a single second of Fifty Shades Darker — and there's nothing wrong with a bit of guilty movie pleasure.

Do the mistakes in Fifty Shades of Grey affect how you feel about the film? 


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