Dakota Johnson’s New Instagram Is Best News Ever for 'Fifty Shades' Fans

dakota johnsonThe lovely Dakota Johnson, our lip-biting Anastasia Steele, went and did something her loyal fans would never have guessed. She -- proudly non-existent on Facebook and most social media -- went and joined Instagram. I know. I'm shocked, too. The stylish star of Fifty Shades of Grey has only given us a few posts so far, but the ones she has shared with us tell a whole lot.


She and her little sister Stella Banderas are super close.

#Summertime â��ï¸ï¿½ Photo by @iamstellabanderas

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She has fans who paint portraits of her.

OMG, Thank you very much � #DrawingDakotaJohnson @Nishura

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And she's currently in NYC filming How to Be Single.

#NY #HowToBeSingle

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This is a huge step for Dakota who once told Glamour UK that she isn't on Facebook because she caught herself "being a psycho stalker" and quit. That extended to other social media, like Instagram. Until now. Maybe it's because she's back together with her ex Matthew Hitt and everything is going well in life so she thought why not?!

I can only guess that this peek into her life will give us another glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of Fifty Shades Darker once that starts filming. (I'm going to go ahead and request that from her right here and now in case she's reading this.) That would be amazing! Dakota is such a magnetic star (and beautiful, and no, I swear I am not trying to butter her up) and so naturally we want a look into her life that is designed by her -- not the tabloids or the flashbulbs on the red carpet. And we want to see all we can of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. Let's hope that happens.

What do you think of Dakota joining Instagram?

Image via iamdakotajohnson/Instagram

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