‘A Deadly Adoption’ Trailer: Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig Make a Mockery of Family Life & We Love It (VIDEO)

a deadly adoptionA hopeful married couple welcomes an expectant young woman into their home hoping to adopt her baby. But the young woman has something much more sinister in mind, and the whole family in terrible danger. It sounds like the plot of a Lifetime movie ... and it is! So then why are Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig starring in it?!? 


The drama, A Deadly Adoption, is no ordinary Lifetime movie. Oh sure, the new trailer has some of the same trademark features: A happy optimistic beginning, a breathy female voice singing Mike and the Mechanics' "Can You Hear Me Coming", babies, a dark-haired temptress, a family under threat, ample cleavage, some guy punching some other guy, a cabin in the woods, a lake, a look of foreboding on the wife's face, sweat on the husband's brow, longing glances, promises of a perfect life, a photograph of a couple getting torn in half, "what does she want from us?", "I don't know!", "I'm scared!", speeding cars, an angry-looking woman pointing a gun, a man who has the nerve to look surprised ...

Yup, it's all here. That and so much more.

Wiig and Ferrell's Lifetime movie is a spoof written by SNL writer Adam Steele. They filmed it in secret! Because! Surprises are fun! And because if we talk too much about it, it won't be as funny. So really, I should just stop writing and walk away, leaving you to imagine the hilarious possibilities.

I will add only this: It airs over Father's Day weekend. Isn't that perverse? Can. Hardly. Wait.

Does this Lifetime spoof sound epic to you and are you going to move heaven and Earth to try and watch it next weekend? Preferably with a chilled box of rosê?


Image via Lifetime

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