'Fifty Shades Darker' Promises Steamier Scenes & Even MORE of Jamie

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We know the stars of Fifty Shades of Grey are confirmed to return for the sequels -- Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. But now we have more details on how they will return -- most specifically on if things will get hotter for our viewing pleasure. The latest is that Jamie Dornan is going full-frontal. How progressive! How incredible! How OMG YES!


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I don't mean to be all squealy with excitement here, but a movie like Fifty Shades should have no boundaries. Plus, women are full-on naked all the time in so many films why shouldn't men be? This isn't just a love story peppered with bondage; this is a love story decorated with beautiful bodies -- the beautiful bodies of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

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In short, it makes sense if Jamie goes full-frontal. And the rumor is that Jamie is agreeing to do it ... for a large sum of money. Large things deserve large things, I suppose. Ahem ....

The full-frontal bonus is said to be a cool $1.5 million dollars. You hear that, Dakota? I think for every spank, Dakota should earn a bonus, too. Just trying to keep things fair here.

What is fair is us, the viewing public, the fans, the lovers of all things Christian Grey, getting to see Christian in all his Christian-ness. Nothing should be obscured in a dom-rom like this one. Thankfully this all means that the sex scenes will be steamier and more ... exciting.

Please ... let this be true.

Do you think there will be full-frontal by Jamie in Fifty Shades Darker?


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