Jamie Dornan's Sweet Gesture for Total Stranger Makes Us Adore Him Even More

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There are a lot of really wonderful things about Jamie Dornan. His looks, naturally, but it's deeper than that. Dornan, we know, is a doting dad and loving husband but he's also the kind of person who goes out of his way to help strangers. After hearing about a man, John Hodge, from his homeland in Northern Ireland who reunited with his long-lost mother after 30 years, Jamie was compelled to help. She lived in Nepal, survived the earthquake, but had lost everything. Jamie was going to help build his mom a home.


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Word got around Bangor, where Hodge is from, and also Belfast. The story of Hodge finding his mom living destitute and in devastation touched the hearts of many. When Hodge found his mom -- 57-year-old Maile, in Nepal -- her spirits lifted. She hadn't seen her son since he was 6 when she and his dad divorced. The family had lived in Northern Ireland and she moved back to her family in Nepal after that. Years passed. Her health -- mental and physical -- declined. But after her son found her, letting her know of his wife and her two grandchildren, her spirits lifted and she seemed happier than ever. Still, she wasn't doing too well. She survived the earthquake but lost just about everything. Hodge was intent on building his mom a home.

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Donations came pouring in, including a big one from Jamie Dornan. He gave Hodge a signed photo of himself to raffle off. You hear that Fifty Shades of Grey fans?! What a great guy!

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. You never stop, do you? You just keep getting more and more amazing with everything you do. First, you model shirtless. Then you sign up to be in Fifty Shades of Grey. Then you sign on to continue to be Christian Grey in all the movies. You are a doting husband and father. And now this. Bravo! And I hope Hodge is able to build his mom a wonderful home.

What do you think of Jamie's charitable act?


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