15 Totally Hot 'I'm So Christian Grey' Pics of Jamie Dornan (PHOTOS)

jamie dornan

Thirty-three year-old Jamie Dornan is a pleasure to look at. Man candy. Delicious. Beautiful. Sexy. The man who is our Christian Grey delivers on so many fantasies. He wouldn't be in Fifty Shades of Grey if he didn't. But Jamie is so much more than just Mr. Grey (though that is quite a handful). He's got more looks than a clothing catalog -- and here are the pics to prove it.


Modeling. Playing sports. Smiling. Beard or no beard. Giving us that brooding stare in a mesmerizing black and white photo like this one. Or even holding his baby girl. Jamie, oh Jamie, we will never say laters to you baby.

Which look of Jamie's is your favorite?


Image via Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

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