Insiders Spill Author EL James' Secrets -- Including Her Real Opinion of 'Fifty Shades' Movie

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With her next book, Grey, set to be released June 18, friends of erotic novelist E.L. James are sharing the inside scoop on the best-selling author and what they have to say may surprise you!  


Talking to People, these insiders claim James, 51, is "just an ordinary mum." Hard to believe, right? (It doesn't seem like just any mom who can whip up bondage trilogies in between PTO meetings and carpools, amIright?) One neighbor explains: 

She looks after her kids and goes to the local supermarket like everyone else. You wouldn't recognize her when she's out in public. But given the nature of the books, it's probably for the best that she keeps a low profile!

And, this next tidbit makes complete sense to us: Her kids are supposedly "kind of embarrassed" by the content of her world-famous books. No kidding!! Some adults are embarrassed by what's written on those steamy pages! Kids often have a hard time watching their parents kiss, they certainly don't want to think that their mom knows all these sorts of tricks.

Speaking of the creator's main squeeze, supposedly James often tells funny stories about her husband and his shock over the wild success of her tales. 

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Yet, despite her fame and fortune, friends say the author keeps it real by hanging out in the local, sipping a glass of wine, and playing trivia games with friends. Wow, she sounds pretty fun, doesn't she? 

Even though she's down-to-earth, the writer does like things hot and spicy! Friends says she wasn't particularly thrilled with the film version of her book, which they likened to one long music video. James would've preferred it to have been a "very sexy film" but didn't view it that way. 

Well, hopefully the next one won't disappoint this imaginative storyteller!

Are you surprised to hear EL James keep such a low profile?

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