‘Spy’ Movie Kicks Sexist ‘Entourage’ to the Curb & We Know Why

spy movieThings are changing in movie-land, women of the world. And for proof you need look no further than this weekend's box office. Melissa McCarthy's Spy whooped serious tushie over bro-flick Entourage. And I'm so happy about that I just might leave work early and spend the rest of the afternoon watching Spy over and over again.


Just kidding, Stir editors! I'll stay here and keep working.

But I am not kidding about how happy this makes me. I mean, think about it. In one corner we have Spy, a female-led comedy/action flick, starring an exceptionally talented comedian who continues to redefine to Hollywood's famously narrow standards of beauty. And in the other corner we have Entourage, a movie about a bunch of guys in Hollywood featuring a backdrop of writhing bikini-clad, voiceless chicks. Let's see the number$$$$.

Spy: $30 million

Entourage: $10 million

Apparently women in particular were not into Entourage. Poor Adrien Grenier had to plea for more femme viewers via Instagram.

All he did was advertise what dud the movie was for us. Here's what Grenier's fans had to say: "Nah. The Entourage series was pretty sexist."  "As a female, I really regretted watching this movie. I was a huge fan of the show, but the movie made me lose any faith I had in men." "Of course women like to have fun, that's why we don't want to see Entourage." And finally: "That was a terrible, sexist, awful show and this is why everyone went to see Spy instead."

Ooof, burn!  

Meanwhile, can we get enough of McCarthy? NO WE CANNOT! And it doesn't hurt that the zany Rose Byrne and droll Allison Janney showed up for the party, too. Women made up 60 percent of the ticket holders because guess what? We love female-driven comedy and action movies.

I'm not saying we're going to see the end of dumb bro flicks like Entourage. But Hollywood, which could soon face an investigation for its sexist hiring practices, listens to money. And if we keep showing up for movies like Spy we're going to see more and more like it. Hooray for us!

Did you see either Entourage or Spy?


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