Details on New 'Fifty Shades' Book Include Weird Connection to 'Twilight'

If you're wondering what to expect from EL James' new book Grey, which tells the story of how Christian Grey and Ana Steele met, but from Grey's perspective, you may be able to get quite a few clues by looking back at the writer's past work. 


A spokesperson for the publishing company that represents Fifty Shades revealed the new book will draw heavily from a popular 50-page Twilight fan fiction story James wrote in 2010, in which she took on a much kinkier Edward Cullen's persona and described his anguish in meeting and losing Bella Swan.

A few years before EL James became, well, EL James, she was known on Twilight fan fiction message boards as Snowqueens Icedragon. One of the earliest pieces she wrote, which has become incredibly popular, is called EPOV (Edward's Point of View). If the following scenarios from the 50-page outtake sound all too familiar, it's because they clearly served as inspiration for the work that would make James uber famous.

Edward (who is later given the name Christian by James) visits a therapist because he's depressed over losing Bella, who isn't sure she can handle his alternative lifestyle — which includes, yes, an insatiable desire to hit her with a belt in his "playroom." Edward's mother is a crack-addicted prostitute but, despite his violent upbringing, he is desperate to express his love for Bella, so he keeps trying to win her back. Of course, James includes wild sex scenes and doesn't censor herself when it comes to letting her version of the characters explore their love of filthy, saucy language.

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As far as Grey goes, Paul Bogaards, a spokesman from Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. says we can expect to read a work that "is drawn from that previous work," and I'm guessing what he means is: we'll be privy to Grey's tortured thoughts and will gain better insight into his past demons so that we can understand why he has chosen the BDSM lifestyle — and why Bella (oops, I mean Ana) is such an important figure in his life.

The 576-page novel won't be released until June 18, but it is already at the top of Amazon's best-seller list.

How do you think Christian Grey's story will compare with Edward Cullen's?


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