'Fifty Shades of Grey' Spinoff Might Happen Without Jamie & Dakota

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While we got all worked up over the amazing possibilities surrounding the news that E.L. James surprised us with a new book in the Fifty Shades franchise simply called Grey written from Christian's point of view, there's also some concern. The films' stars, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, are only contracted to be in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and there is nothing in those contracts about a spinoff based on the book Grey. Which means we might be looking at two of the highest paid actors or ... worse.


A Grey movie without Jamie and Dakota?!

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I think we can all agree that once we get through Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, we can't see the spinoff Grey with any other actors besides Dornan and Johnson. It just can't happen. It's like if they suddenly replaced Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. Wouldn't be the same. We are just too committed to these people in these parts at this point -- and we are only one movie in! There is only one Anastasia Steele and that's Dakota Johnson. And we already went through the ringer losing Charlie Hunnam as our Christian Grey before it even truly began; we do not want anyone else but Jamie Dornan.

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Which means ... I see dollar signs with lots and lots of zeros on the end. This is huge news for the stars -- they may never need to do any other movie ever again if they play this right. E.L. James must be slightly losing her mind worrying if her leading actors will commit -- and under what circumstances. The studio is most likely shaking right now finding ways to start saving so they can pay these two. Still, we know Fifty Shades is a huge money maker so far and I don't think that will change. There should be plenty of cash to go around.

Jamie isn't just going to play a billionaire in the movies; he is going to be one. Dakota, too.

What do you think will happen with Grey? Are you worried something could happen to prevent Jamie and Dakota from starring in that film?


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