Jamie Dornan Avoids 'Fifty Shades' Fans as Much as Possible

Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan is desperate to be a regular guy — you know, just your average, 33-year-old hot male actor who recently starred in the biggest film of the year. While many other celebs go to great lengths to get their names out there and generate publicity, you may be shocked to learn what Dornan isn't doing because he says he has zero interest in being a famous star.


Dornan is avoiding Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram like the plague. That's right. If you've feverishly searched for his name on any social media site, only to come up short — or worse, to run into one of those annoying fake sites that makes you think you're reading his thoughts — there's a good reason for that: Dornan is not into sharing his personal life with billions of strangers. Can you blame him?

The Fall actor reportedly told GoldDerby.com: "The fame doesn't feel that palpable until you're online, so I'm actively trying to avoid social media at the moment because it suddenly just feels real — that there are all these people who are interested in what you're doing."

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He went on to say something that is going to make you swoon: "In our everyday lives it doesn't seem to have a huge affect. I mean — we live a quiet life — my wife [Amelia] and I and our baby — and we're not massively aware of it."

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I can't say that I honestly blame Dornan for not wanting to read everyone's thoughts about him. He seems like as normal a guy as you can find, considering the entire world knows who he is, and his only real concern is protecting himself and his family from an invasion of privacy. Twitter and other social media sites open stars up to criticism and negativity in a way no one deserves.

What do you think about Jamie Dornan's decision to stay off of social media?


Image via Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images


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