Emilia Clarke Reveals the Truth About Why She Passed on Playing Anastasia Steele

emilia clarkeYou'd think having the chance to play Anastasia Steele is an opportunity any actress would dream of. But that wasn't the case for English beauty Emilia Clark who famously turned down the coveted Fifty Shades of Grey role. The Games of Thrones star recently dished on why she said "No, thanks" to being half of what some argue is the hottest couple history.  


The 28-year-old stunner says that while she has "done nudity before," it's not what she wants to be known for, and she "was concerned with being labeled for doing it again." As anyone who's read the book or seen the film knows, there's plenty-o-nudity in this one! So despite her desire for working with Sam Taylor-Johnson, who directed the film, she still passed.

Wow, good for her for having the courage to stand by her convictions while knowing the gig would've landed her tons of press. Just look at how much attention Dakota Johnson has garnered since tackling the role of Christian Grey's plaything! 

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But maybe ending up in the media spotlight isn't exactly Clarke's idea of a good time. It was recently reported that the actress, who'll appear in the film adaptation of JoJo Moyes' best-seller Me Before You, will no longer Google herself after being called a "fat bitch." 

Let's face it: Fame isn't for everyone. It absolutely makes sense that Clarke wouldn't want to put herself -- all of herself -- on display to be judged harshly by haters. 

We're sure she'll continue to be a smashing success fully-clothed.

Do you think Emilia Clarke made the right call?  


Image © MIKE BLAKE/Reuters/Corbis

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