Johnny Depp in the New 'Black Mass' Trailer Will Give You Chills (VIDEO)

johnny depp whitey bulger

Fans of human chameleon Johnny Depp are used to the actor virtually disappearing inside his roles: From Willy Wonka to the Mad Hatter to Barnabas Collins, the man is no stranger to disfiguring makeup and eye-altering colored contacts. But if the latest trailer for his upcoming flick, Black Mass, is any indication, Depp's latest role could be his most radical departure yet.


Depp is essentially unrecognizable as Whitey Bulger, the "world's most notorious" gangster -- and that's only partially because of the piercing blue eyes and dramatically receding hairline. The transformation is mostly so effective because of Depp's uncanny interpretation of Bulger's facial expressions, vocal intonations and overall vibe, for lack of a better word. His Bulger is a charming psychopath, to be sure (the best kind!), the type of character one could easily imagine talking all sorts of people into committing all sorts of crimes. And his parenting skills? Well, see for yourself:


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Yikes! Looks like Dakota Johnson's character has her hands full with that guy. But it also looks like Depp is back in master thespian mode, after a year that perhaps made a few people question his considerable skills (let's just forget Mortdecai ever happened, shall we?). Either way, the movie looks pretty amazing, and besides Depps' acting prowess, Black Mass has some major star power on its side (other cast members include Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon, Peter Sarsgaard, and the aforementioned Dakota Johnson, to name a few). 

So we'll definitely be lining up to see this one, and most likely will be rooting for Depp at next year's Academy Awards. How about you?

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