Jamie Dornan's Face Is Suddenly Giving People the Creeps (PHOTOS)

jamie dornanJamie Dornan is going through some changes. He does not look the same as he did in Fifty Shades of Grey. These changes may be terrifying for some. But for those into 70s male porn stars, the look is enticing and exciting. Brace yourself. Jamie has a really amazing moustache. And he wants you to meet it.


My head

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#jadotville #tache

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Oh hello! I think he needs a name -- the moustache, of course, Jamie is still Jamie. How about a name that notes perversion and boldness ... how about Christian? Yes, Christian it is.

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Jamie is sporting "Christian" for a movie -- not Fifty Shades Darker. It's called Jadotville and in it he plays an Irish Commandant in the early 60s. (Note "Command" in "Commandant" -- ever so dominant. Always.)

Our Christian, along with Jamie's Christian, seems to be quite enjoying life as a hairy lip fellow. Jamie is giving his mustachio plenty of due on his Instagram, which is severely neglected might I add. Some love the 'stache, others think it's completely revolting. How anything on Jamie can be revolting is confusing ... I mean, look at the man! As for me, I'm into it. I love hairy faced men. Give me beards and moustaches over a clean shaved face any day. And give me Jamie any way at all.

What do you think of Jamie's moustache? Shall we name it Christian?


Image via Jamie Dornan/Instagram

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