'Fifty Shades' Bonus Clip Reveals 8 New Juicy Details (VIDEO)

fifty shades of grey quiet bar scene

When it comes to Fifty Shades of Grey, we always want more, more, more. Thankfully there is plenty of satisfaction to go around and this bonus clip is one of those gifts. In it, we see the making of the bar scene, along with short interviews from Jamie, Dakota, and Eloise, plus a whole lot of Luke Grimes. Take a look and check out the 8 things learned from this bonus clip.


1. Dakota Johnson has the best giggle ever. It's ridiculously adorable.

2. Any chance we have to hear Jamie Dornan with his accent is welcome. I wonder if they ever thought of making Christian Grey Irish?

3. Dakota has a friend crush on Eloise Mumford who plays her best friend Kate. She called her "beautiful" and "powerful." And that she is -- she's not just Ana's slutty BFF.

4. Two words: Luke. Grimes. Why have we not talked about Luke Grimes more? No, it's not the character from The Walking Dead (that's Rick Grimes). Luke plays Elliot Grey who insanely handsome. More Luke Grimes!

5. Eloise and Luke (Kate and Elliot) jumped in the sack on the first day of filming. The "sack" meaning the couch. And "jumped" meaning oh my goodness Luke Grimes is gorgeous and Kate gets to kiss up all on him while he's shirtless.

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6. Though when Luke/Elliot says "Laters, baby" it is such a buzzkill. Worst line ever.

7. When they filmed the bar scene, all the extras were miming to keep the noise down so the microphones can pick up the conversation at Ana's table more clearly. Weird, but that's movie-making!

8. In case we (or anyone) needed a reminder, Eloise talks about what Fifty Shades of Grey teaches us -- that what women want in the bedroom isn't always clear cut, that sometimes it's kinky, and that nothing should be off the table when it comes to what turns you on ... even doing it on the table ... or getting flogged.

What did you love most about this bonus clip?


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