Most Popular Movie of All Time In Each State: Can You Guess What Yours Is?

It's no secret that Hollywood loves some states more than others (not that we're sick of movies set in California or New York at all), but every state has had its time on the silver screen at least once. Ever wonder what the most popular movie based in your state is? 


The popularity rankings come from IMDB, where users can vote on the quality of movies with a 0 to 10 star scale. The fave films range all over the place -- from 1925 to 2013 and from romance to drama to comedies.

If you want to try and guess, here's a hint: If you live in a flyover state, you probably have a Western, and if you live in a state with a big city, you probably have a gang film. Think you can guess yours?


Image via ponsulak/shuttestock