Jamie Dornan Eating a Life-Size Cake of Himself as Christian Grey Is Strangely Sexy (VIDEO)

christian grey cake

Christian Grey is even more delicious than anyone imagined, even Jamie Dornan. In cake form, that is. Yes, that's "man" standing with his shirt off and belt buckle undone is a cake, and not just any cake -- it's a Christian Grey cake and Jamie Dornan is about to eat himself. Welcome to the weirdest few minutes of your week once you watch this clip from the Graham Norton Show.


My only complaint is that there is no way Christian would wear those jeans. Too light of a wash and there is a hole in the knee. While I know it's a fashionable tear, I still don't think Mr. Grey would own a pair like this. But other than that, this is the best cake ever. 

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Baker Rosie Dummer of Rosie Cake Diva in the UK made this with her team of bakers -- it took nearly three weeks to complete, and over 55 pounds of flour, 340 eggs, and 440 pounds of sugar paste. Mr. Grey cake is six feet tall. My wish would be for Jamie to hug the cake while wearing exactly what the cake had on and then let fans eat the frosting off of him and it -- it being the cake. Now that's a show!

It's a lovely cake, one that came with edible handcuffs licorice whips. Rosie made this for an International Cake Show along with a red room that was also completely edible.

I love Jamie's reaction to the whole thing (I bet he tastes better than anyone can imagine). And any chance I get to hear his Irish accent is a bonus. He can talk about eating himself all day long. Oh ... wow ... that sounds totally creepy and weird.

Don't you think a Christian Grey cake would be the greatest for a bachelorette party?

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