Chris Hemsworth's NSFW Appearance in 'Vacation' Trailer Is the Best Mother's Day Gift (VIDEO)

chris hemsworth vacationHave you seen the new trailer for the summer movie, Vacation? It stars Ed Helms as Rusty Griswold (son of National Lampoon's Vacation dad, Clark) and Christina Applegate as his wife Debbie as they make their journey across the country to encounter Chis Hemsworth's supremely glorious bare chest. 


And that, my friends, is the whole reason why you'd want to see this trailer. I mean, the movie looks cute. If you're bored one day this summer, and it's raining or just too hot outside, it might make for a mildly entertaining afternoon. Whatever. It's a remake of the 1983 original, so manage your expectations.

The important thing for you to know, is that Chris Hemsworth makes his appearance at the end of the trailer (1:58 if you want to skip ahead). On their way to the fabled Wally World the family stays with Rusty's sister, Audrey (Leslie Mann) and her husband, Thor. I mean, Stone. 

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And the other important thing you need to know about this trailer is that it doesn't just feature golden Norse god Chris Hemsworth shirtless. There's also a NSFW feature aspect to his appearance that you won't want to miss. And you WILL want your kids/boss to miss. It's big. HUGE. So be careful there, tiger.

Wow, so that's where Thor keeps his hammer!

Will you see the movie just for Hemsworth?


Image via Comedy Central/YouTube

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