Jamie Dornan May Go 'Full-Frontal' in 'Fifty Shades Darker' on One Condition


Besides the tampon scene, more Rita Ora, and Ana's infamous inner monologue, the one thing Fifty Shades of Grey was missing was some more Jamie Dornan. And by "more," we defintiely mean more. But for the sequel, it looks like we could get a little more NC-17, because rumors are that the studio wants Dornan to go full frontal for the second movie.


Though we still have almost two whole years until the film's release (Valentine's Day 2017 is the date), and both Dornan and Dakota Johnson are in talks to get a major pay raise, the real debate will be how much we see of Dornan.

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The Irish Examiner is reporting that the studio wants Dornan to go full frontal -- for the sake of the film. But while female nudity is somewhat commonplace in films, full frontal male nudity is still scarce. And so, it comes at a price.

The rumor is that Dornan will earn a hefty $1.5 million for the extra work, and that's just the initial offer. If negotiated, it could go much higher.

Filming for Darker has yet to begin, but you can bet that fans not only want to see more of the hunky Irish actor, but they also want to stay true to the books. Now that E.L. James' husband is taking their reigns for the screenplay, we'll have to stay tuned for how much exposure we actually get to see.

Do you think Dornan will do full frontal?



Image via Chuck Zlotnik/Universal Pictures

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