Jamie Dornan: 16 Things About the Man Behind Christian Grey That Might Surprise You (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | May 7, 2015 Movies

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There is so much more to the handsome Jamie Dornan than his role as Christian Grey. Yes, his breakthrough role in Fifty Shades of Grey thrust him into our hearts and minds, and has generously supplied us with countless daydreams and fantasies, but there is so much more to know about the man we can call Mr. Dornan. Or just Jamie.

The 33-year-old actor is quite complex, and has some interesting little facts about him that haven't been widely reported. He's lived through hard times and has had some great triumphs. Here are 16 things you may not have known about Jamie Dornan.

What are you most surprised about?


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  • He sings.


    Image via Fifty Shades Movie/Instagram

    Jamie, a good Irish lad, is also a fine singer and musician. Yes, our beloved was in a band ... oh some 10 years ago called Sons of Jim (his dad's name is Jim) with his childhood pal David Alexander. The folk duo had TV guest spots and opened for KT Tunstall.


  • He modeled with Eva Mendes.


    Not only did Jamie have a incredibly sexy Calvin Klein modeling shoot with Kate Moss, he also got oily and naked with Ryan Gosling's woman Eva Mendes. My goodness, is it hot in here or what?! This is why Jamie was called "the Golden Torso."

  • He learned a lot from dating Keira Knightley.


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    Before he was famous, Jamie dated Keira Knightley for two years -- he even got to be on the Pirates of the Caribbean set with her. And Jamie admits that he learned a lot about fame, and its pitfalls, from her. He told Vogue UK that there were paparazzi hiding in the bushes waiting to take their photos, but he maintained that Keira knew how to compartmentalize her fame and that she is a very down-to-earth person.

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  • He wasn't always so slick.


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    This photo makes me think of two kids at prom who are very nervous to be there. It's Rose Byrne and Jamie Dornan on the red carpet for Marie Antoinette in 2006. This was clearly back before both rose to stardom and had an iron.

  • He got his big break in "Marie Antoinette."


    Image via Youtube

    Sofia Coppola gave Jamie Dornan his first big acting break casting him as Count Axel Ferson, a love interest of Marie Antoinette played by Kirsten Dunst. Talk about a sexy scene!

  • Being a dad is his greatest role.


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    "Becoming a dad is the best thing that ever happened to me -- to us -- and it's an extremely joyful situation," Jamie told the Belfast Telegraph. "Every day seems to get better and I know it's the most important role in my life. It's an intense role."

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  • He is the youngest of three.


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    Jamie's dad, Professor Jim Dornan, is a celebrated obstetrician. Jim and his late-wife Lorna (who was a nurse) had three children. Jamie is the baby of the family. And now he has a baby of his own. I wonder if this means there will be more kids soon.

  • His mom passed away when he was only 16.


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    Jamie's mom, Lorna Dornan, died from pancreatic cancer when Jamie was only 16 years old. "There's a massive element of me that's fractured from losing my mother so young. Not that I'm some kind of broken bird, but I am drawn to characters that are wounded."

  • He is very romantic.


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    Jamie sounds like the perfect mate for life. "My whole thing about Valentine's Day is, it shouldn't take a night like that to be romantic. You should be romantic all the time with your girlfriend, your wife, your partner, your boyfriend. It shouldn't just be one night a year. We should be making an effort and doing it all the time."
  • He prefers his face with a beard.


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    Jamie told The Guardian that he thinks he looks too young without hair on his face. "I feel uncomfortable without it. I find myself moving differently. I don't like myself without a beard."


  • He broke his nose. Three times.


    Image via Fifty Shades Movie/Instagram

    "My nose bends to the right," he told The Guardian, and he revealed that it was broken by his tennis coach who "fired a f*&king tennis ball in my face." Jamie's nose didn't just break once, but three times -- the other two were from a rugby incident and when he was headbutted in a bar.

  • He wants to work with Lena Dunham.


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    During an interview with Vogue UK, Jamie mentions how he things it's the "coolest thing in the world" that Lena Dunham is a fall of his TV show The Fall. On Lena, the creator and star of HBO's Girls: "I want to work with her." Maybe she'll cast him on her show ... or in an upcoming project she's working on. I'd love to see Jamie in something with a little comedy involved.

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  • He said the hardest scene to film in 'Fifty Shades' was the interview scene.


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    "Anyone will tell you that sex scenes, regardless of the content of the film, are always a tricky experience and relatively uncomfortable," Dornan told Time magazine. "But I guess the scene that had for me personally the most pressure on it, was the interview scene. It’s the first time that we see Christian, and we see him in his highly impressive office, very much in charge and in a position of power. And all of that has to come across, but we also have to quickly feel the connection between the two right away."

    He certainly succeeded.

  • He played rugby.


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    Jamie was on the 3rd XV rugby team at Methodist College Belfast, and all the girls had crushes on him even back then, according to his former classmate Sarah Rainey who shared some details of Jamie pre-fame with the Telegraph.

  • He used to live with Eddie Redmayne & Andrew Garfield.


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    Back before Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for The Theory of Everything, and before Andrew Garfield was Spider-Man, these two chaps lived with Jamie Dornan in Los Angeles. Just three immensely talented nobodies sharing a pad.

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  • He's really good on Twitter.


    Image via Fifty Shades Movie/Instagram

    Jamie has shown that he's not only great at being Christian Grey, but he's really good at Twitter -- @JamieDornan, of course. Yes, he tweets. He posts photos and some very hilarious short sentences, but he also has taken part in Twitter Q&As, which has revealed the actor to be quite witty, flirty, and R-rated in the Twitterverse.

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