New Secret From 'Fifty Shades' Set Is Downright Dirty!

fifty shades of grey

Turns out, anything can happen on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey. For instance, you can meet someone and then a few hours later be getting frisky with them on a couch. Oh yes, that happened. Of course, the "friskyness" was all part of the job, but it's pretty crazy nonetheless. Eloise Mumford, AKA Anastasia Steele's best friend Kate in the flick, recently revealed that she'd only met hottie Luke Grimes, AKA Elliot Grey, a short while before rolling around with him half-naked.


In one of the bonus interviews from the DVD of Fifty Shades of Grey, Mumford tells the story of how she and Grimes met. "We started out with a bang," she said. The actress then explained their first interaction. "We rehearse with the clothes on," she said. "I was wearing a slip and he was wearing pants. And then, when we’re about to roll camera, he just slipped his pants off and there we were -- on our first day of our work together." She then added, "Honestly, it was a pretty great day."

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Despite the overall awkwardness of a meeting like this, um, yeah -- I'm sure it was a great day. Have you seen Luke Grimes? Also, like Mumford said, it's all part of the job. The really, really great job.

The DVD for Fifty Shades will be released on May 8 and it will be interesting to see what other bonus tidbits we get to learn. There's no way Eloise and Luke meeting and then making out is the craziest thing to come out of that set. We wait with baited breath ...

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