20 Weird & Amazing 'Twilight' Cakes for Die-Hard Twi-Hards (PHOTOS)

20 Weird & Amazing 'Twilight' Cakes for Die-Hard Twi-Hards (PHOTOS)

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If we knew you were coming we'd have baked a cake -- and if we knew you were a rabid Twilight fan, we'd have baked you one of these. (Or at least tried to!) That's right, Twihards are still as devoted as ever, and they're also still having just as many birthdays, weddings, and other festive, cake-requiring occasions as ever, too. So that means lots (and lots) of sugary, vampire-inspired confections are still being served!

Check out these sometimes amazing, sometimes, um, less-than-amazing attempts at Twilight-inspired confections -- and then, if you're feeling brave, try making one of your own! (Or, if you're feeling realistic, try hiring someone else to do it.)

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