Rita Ora's Behind-the-Scenes '50 Shades' Clip Lets Us In on Little Secret (VIDEO)

rita ora fifty shades of grey

Rita Ora plays Mia, Christian's fancy little sister, in Fifty Shades of Grey -- which added to the intrigue of the entire Grey family. And if you've seen Rita (who is a singer) perform on stage or in her videos, you know she went through quite the transformation for this role. On the heels of the DVD release of our favorite sexy flick, Rita's clip shares some Fifty Shades behind-the-scenes secrets.


"She's like sherbet, fizzy and bubbly." She sure is.

I loved watching the slightly awkward takes of the first time Ana meets Mia. They took a risk casting Ora, who has never done any acting in a film before, but it's clear it paid off. And while watching this clip, I noticed something -- there was a clear flirty-type banter going on between our Christian and our Ana when the behind-the scenes cameras were rolling. Let all the rumors be put to rest that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson don't like each other. The things you learn from watching these clips ....

As director Sam Taylor-Johnson says, "Nothing is unimportant."

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I like that Rita is getting recognized -- we do see more of her here than we do in the entire movie. The whole movie-making process is fascinating -- so much time is spent on even just the smallest scene. Let's think about that for a moment -- the amount of time it takes for every scene to be captured to the best of its ability. Which means ... if they had to do, say, ten takes of the Mia meets Ana scene, just how many Ana and Christian kissing in the elevator scenes did they do? And how many Ana and Christian naked for the first time in bed together scenes did they have to act out until it was perfect?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes. Yes, I'd like a full-on DVD of all the pivotal scenes with at least five takes each.

Did you notice how Jamie and Dakota were toward each other in the clip? Doesn't this make you want even more scenes with Rita Ora in Fifty Shades Darker?

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