Jamie Dornan's Sexy New Look Has Us More Turned On Than Ever (PHOTOS)

jamie dornanJamie Dornan is sexy. This is a fact. He is a model. He's our Christian Grey. But now, he's a completely changed man. Jamie Dornan has a moustache now, my friends, and it makes him look very different.



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And by different I still mean HOT.

The first time I looked at these photos of Jamie with a thick moustache, it was with a squint. I was fearful. Was Jamie going to turn into the creep-o so many already think he is because he played a man who loves to whip women with flogs? Please, no. (It's a fancy flog, by the way.) So the moustache became a concern, but once I saw him posing with not one but two adoring fans, I realized that all was going to be just fine and that Jamie (as Jamie) is still as sexy as ever. Perhaps even moreso simply because he likes to keep us intrigued with these new looks. That hair is stylin', too.

"Mr. Grey will see you now" Jamie Dornan is a sweetie � xx

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These photos with adoring fans were taken in South Africa where Jamie currently is on location to film a movie called Jadotville. Because the man is so nice, he snapped some photos with some ladies who had, what I would say, is one of the best Instagram photos of the week (the month? the year?). This goes to prove that not only is Jamie hot and sexy -- whether hairy or not -- he is also sweet. Total swoon.

(I moustache you a question.) What do you think of Jamie with a thick moustache?


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