Johnny Depp's New Look as Gangster Whitey Bulger Will Creep You Out (VIDEO)

Johnny DeppWe're accustomed to seeing Johnny Depp physically immersing himself into his roles to the point where his natural pretty boy looks are totally obscured, but not even Edward Scissorhands or Jack Sparrow looked as un-Johnny Depp-ish as his new character, a mobster named Whitey Bulger.


It's pretty safe to say that if Johnny had aged like this, he wouldn't be married to Amber Heard. Plus, he just sounds freaking scary! Check it out:

Oh man, I got chills just watching that. Sure, the scene is a bit familiar -- seeming to be inspired by the scene in Goodfellas where Joe Pesci repeatedly asks Ray Liotta, "I'm funny? Funny how?" But whatever, people, they're mobsters. They probably had conversations like this a million times a day -- busting each other's chops, I think it's called.

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It's nice to see Johnny take a dip into a tasty role like this rather than playing some character inspired by a cartoon or Disney ride or something. And as a fan of mob films, I just might have to check this out. There is nothing like a mob film to make you feel like maybe it's pretty cool that you slave away at your white collar job for fairly little money -- I mean, at least no one is trying to whack you, hang you by a hook in a meat truck or, ya know, stick a horse head under your covers.

What do you think of Johnny's new look?


Image via London Entertainment /Splash

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