Actress From '50 Shades' Will Play an Even Bigger Role in Sequel

fifty shades of grey

Now that Fifty Shades of Grey Part Deux is officially underway, news about the next installment of the insanely popular franchise is making its way to the interwebs. First, we heard that the film's first director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, won't be coming back for Fifty Shades Darker; and now we're hearing that Rita Ora, who reportedly was looooved by Taylor-Johnson, will. In fact, she'll be coming back for the next two movies.


Even though the sexy British singer only had four lines as Christian Grey's sister Mia in the first Fifty film, Ora has inked a deal to appear in the following films, as well, where, presumably, she'll have a bit more to say. Initially, Ora was criticized for having such an itty-bitty role in the flick, but she stood her ground that appearing in the movie was a good idea. "Everyone is going to have their own opinions," Rob Kardashian's ex said. "But for me this was such a great cameo to be involved in, and even though I’m only in it for a little bit, it’s opened the door to a lot of movie things that I haven’t actually announced yet." She also added that she has "the bug, for real."

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Like I said, since she's struck a deal to act in the next two films, I'm sure she'll have a bit of a bigger role these go rounds (or, at the very least, more than four lines). Looking forward to see what E.L. James and the new director give her. And, of course, looking forward to more gossip about the upcoming films!

What did you think of Rita's role in Fifty Shades of Grey?


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