Matthew McConaughey Feels All the Feelings Watching the New 'Star Wars' Trailer (VIDEO)

He just can't even handle all the feels of watching the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer! In this brilliant mashup including one of the many emotional scenes from Matthew McConaughey's performance in Interstellar, we see the actor totally lose it when he watches the promo.


In Interstellar, he's really watching videos of his kids back home, but it pretty accurately sums up how we feel about revisiting our beloved Star Wars. It's like seeing long lost loves again -- people who were as good as dead coming right back to life before our very eyes!

McConaughey cries. He giggles. He emotionally puts his hand out as if he could touch them through the screen. His face conveys the dueling emotions of being so happy to see his loves again, but also the grief of having missed them.

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We can't help it either. Especially the emotional breakdown at the end when Harrison Ford shows up as Han Solo along with his Wookie and says, "Chewy, we're home." Punch us in the gut with with nostalgia, why don't yah?

We get it, Matthew. We really, really do.

Are you as emotional as Matthew McConaughey is about the new Star Wars movie?


Image via oskararnarson/YouTube

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