Jamie Dornan Shows Off His Sexy Moves on the Soccer Field (VIDEO)

jamie dornan soccer

Jamie Dornan was thrust into the spotlight thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey. And thrust is without a doubt the best way to describe it. That brooding look, that fit body, his command of the ... room -- Dornan is a winner. But new video has surfaced showing him losing. At circular soccer. Versus golf pro Rory McIlroy. I hope it's not that perverse to note how sexy Jamie looks playing soccer. Just watch.


McIlroy is currently the best golfers in the world. Dornan, arguably, is the best movie flogger in all the land. What happens when the two square off for a game of circular soccer. An upset, that's what.

Dare I say it's refreshing to see Jamie run around like that. Chasing the ball. Forced not to use his hands. Sound 50 shades of familiar? (Anastasia knows what that's like.) And even though he loses, it was exciting to see his chasing the goal like that. Those moves. Makes me think he's good on the dance floor. Fancy footwork.

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I'd like to suggest more of these challenges for Dornan. Maybe we can get him a poker match against a famous chess player. (I love a stern look on a man and Jamie already has that one down.) Or in a racecar racing against a Monster Truck driver. (He'd be hot in a firesuit.)

I also want to thank Jamie for this. We've gotten a lot of post-Fifty Shades activity from Dakota Johnson, but not enough from him. So thank you ... and more, please. I'm biting my lip in anticipation.

What do you think of Jamie's circular soccer moves?

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