'Fifty Shades of Grey' Might Get Dose of Comedy If Rumored Actor Is Cast (VIDEO)

jamie dornan dakota johnsonWe know Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are returning for the sequel of Fifty Shades of Grey because they have to -- it just wouldn't be the same without them. But we are starting to learn of some potential new cast members. Cara Delevingne is one rumor, but now New Girl actor Max Greenfield has revealed his Fifty Shades desires.


When asked if there were any films he wishes he was a part of, Max said, "You know, I’m just looking to get into that Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe I could be the 51st Shade? I don’t know, that’s definitely a move I’m looking to make."

Okay, okay. He's probably joking. But maybe not joking. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this film now that we have all seen the meteoric rise to stardom of the flick's stars. Check out the adorable funnyman talking about it.

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Fifty Shades Darker could use a bit of comedy stylings don't you think? It already has the camp, so why not punch it up a bit? I love these rumors though -- just who will be in the sequels isn't known (besides Jamie and Dakota and a drawer of grey ties of course). But I love how people are saying they want to be in it and not running from the opportunity to be cast. No offense to Charlie Hunnam. Though I am still sad that it wasn't him as Christian Grey. I love Jamie -- I do. But Charlie ... oh Charlie.

I'm all for some Fifty Shades of comedy mixed in with all the steamy sex scenes. Well-rounded.

What do you think of Max Greenfield as an addition to the Fifty Shades cast?


Image via Reimschuessel/Splash News

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