Dakota Johnson & Ex Matthew Hitt Spotted Back Together! (PHOTO)

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It was widely believed that the demise of Dakota Johnson and Matthew Hitt's relationship was because of all the madness surrounding that little film Dakota's in call Fifty Shades of Grey. Supposedly, all the attention was just too much for Hitt, who happens to be a model and singer for the band Drowners. Well look who is back together?!


There they were on Thursday together in NYC, along with Dakota's ever-faithful pup Zeppelin out for a stroll. They make an adorable couple -- those mysterious shades, the fancy coats. So what exactly is going on here?

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I think many of us can relate to those on-again/off-again romances. It happens. Sometimes a little break makes things so much clearer. I wonder if the pair broke up due to the demands of Dakota's schedule and now that the movie premiered and there is a little downtime until the sequel is all sorted out, Hitt started thinking ... Hmmm ... I really do love that woman. I will do all I can to win her back.

Or maybe it's the other way around.

However if the rumors were true, Hitt had a hard time handling all the hoopla surrounding Fifty Shades, and once the sequel gets going again, things are going to get hectic again. Can he handle that? I sure hope so. If he's a musician and model, the guy's got to know what he's in for. We shall see. But nobody, and I mean nobody, better break Anastasia Steele's heart.

Do you think these two will last?


Image via NIGNY/Splash News

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