'50 Shades Darker' Update Is the Best Thing You'll Hear All Day

fifty shades of grey

If you're a rabid Fifty Shades of Grey fan, you may have heard the rumor that filming for the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, has been delayed. Well, looks like all the talk was just that, folks -- a rumor. According to recent reports, shooting for the second installment of Fifty is currently underway. Woohoo!


Original reports said that the filming of Fifty Shades Darker was put on hold due to the fact that E.L. James and director Sam Taylor-Johnson didn't agree on, well, anything. But, now that Taylor-Johnson is officially off the film, and now that James will reportedly be writing the screenplay, Universal will supposedly start production soon. Actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have been told to plan for an early 2016 shoot with a 2017 release.

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Despite the rumors that Taylor-Johnson and James didn't get along, one of the film's producers, Dana Brunetti, said, "This got blown out of proportion because anything with Fifty Shades in the headline got attention. Big whoop. There's disagreements every f---ing day, every setup, every shot. The press just ran with this and blew it into a much bigger issue than it ever was."

Regardless of whether the two women got along or not (I'm kind of guessing "not," since Taylor-Johnson didn't want to direct again), there's cause for celebration: Sounds like Fifty Shades Darker is officially gearing up. And, seriously, what could be more exciting than that?

Are you excited for the sequel?


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