'Fifty Shades of Grey' Tee That Turns Young Boys Into Christian Grey Causes Controversy (PHOTO)

50 shades grey t-shirtOne mom is outraged that Walmart is selling a "Christian Grey-themed T-shirt" to young boys -- only the store says she's totally reading into things. Sarah Cervantes noticed a black boy's T-shirt with a grayish tie in an Illinois Walmart and on Walmart.com. Noting the similarity between the look and the cover of the infamous book, she took her outrage to Twitter.


The shocked mom told ABC 6:

It was completely inappropriate to glorify sexual violence, especially on our children. Especially our boys. We do so much to protect our girls . . . and then we take these shirts on our boys and tell them they're funny.

Walmart, however, responded that T-shirts with a fake tie on them have long been part of their merchandise and have absolutely nothing to do with being Christian Grey-inspired.

"This shirt has absolutely no association with '50 Shades of Grey,' and we are appalled by the claim," Walmart said in a statement.

This seems to be a case of mom projecting -- the T-shirt has nothing in common with the cover except a tie, and hey, ties existed long before 50 Shades.

While the T-shirt might be too close to the cover for some mom's tastes, they always have the option of not buying it. Moms who don't even know what 50 Shades is (they exist, right?!) can still dress their boys up in this shirt and get a guilt-free giggle out of it.

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Cervantes' heart is in the right place -- she's trying to protect young girls from little whip-wielding wannabes. But I think she's reading way too much into this. Perhaps she wants to switch over to the classics for awhile -- given her last name, I'd suggest Don Quixote.

Is this a Christian Grey shirt or a shirt that just happens to have a tie on it?


Images via Amazon/ Walmart.com

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