Beyond Christian & Anastasia: 20 'Fifty Shades' Inspired Baby Names

Some people are predicting a baby boom in November 2015, nine months after the the theater release of Fifty Shades of Grey. You know how it is, you feel a little frisky after seeing the sexy flick, go home, and ... yeah. If you find yourself expecting a little one after seeing the screen adaptation of E.L. James' erotic novel, here are 20 baby names inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.


For Girls

  • Ana: This is Christian's favorite nickname for Anastasia.
  • Kate: Ana's BFF and roommate, whose cold allowed the love birds to meet in the first place. She's basically Cupid!
  • Joan: In the books, Christian's housekeeper is named Mrs. Jones. This name is a subtle nod to the connection.
  • Mia: Christian's sister is the girl we all want to be friends with.
  • Grace: She's Christian's adoptive mom, and has a classically beautiful name.
  • Ella: Christian's troubled biological mom never could have imagined where her son would end up.
  • Dakota: For Dakota Johnson, who portrayed Anastasia onscreen.
  • Erika: E.L. James' real name.


For Boys

  • Christopher: A classic twist on Christian, the billionaire with the troubled past ... he's a vulnerable, yet strong male lead.
  • Jose: Ana's best guy friend, who reminds us just a little of Jacob from the Twilight series.
  • Flynn: Christian's psychologist, Dr. Flynn, may have been omitted from the movie, but was the subject of many conversations between the lovebirds in the novel.
  • Ethan: Kate Kavanagh's brother didn't make an appearance in the movie either, but it's still a great name.
  • Elliot: Christian's brother, who coined the phrase, "Laters, baby!"
  • Carrick: Christian's adoptive dad -- we just love the sound of this one for a little boy.
  • Steele: Ana's strong last name would make a good first name for a son.
  • Tyler: A nod to the ties that bind Christian and Ana.

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For Either Gender

  • Taylor: The name of Christian's devout bodyguard is a great name for both boys and girls.
  • Grey: This name has seen a rise in popularity since the books were published, and is definitely gender-neutral.
  • James: The last name of the author, this typically male-name is the moniker of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's sweet newborn daughter.
  • Charlie: Charlie Tango is Christian's helicopter, and a sweet nickname for either Charles or Charlotte.

Would you name your baby after Fifty Shades of Grey?


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