Big 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Surprises Coming in November

dakota johnson jamie dornanFifty Shades of Grey has inspired many things -- I now want bangs (as in the haircut) and it has made me look at ties and seatbelts in an exciting new way. It's a steamy flick full of sexy scenes that would make even the most demure feel a bit frisky. And as a result, one hospital is preparing for a baby boom nine months from the film's release.


For this reason alone, Fifty Shades of Grey deserves awards. Major accolades. One film has inspired people to make love. Love! This is worth celebrating. Some movies leave us in tears. Others fill us with fear or boo-scares that make us frightened to be in our house alone. But this film? It inspires two people showing their love to each other in an incredible way.

And we all know that can mean babies. Lots of babies.

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The blockbuster already has a special date going for it -- it opened Valentine's Day weekend, a date that is synonymous with chocolate, hearts, and sex. If you went to see the movie that weekend, then it's double the desire. And nine months from then is around November 20th. Which also means the baby would be a Scorpio. Very fitting.

This revelation came from The Sun who said the note was in St. James's University Hospital in Leeds. It was also found on Twitter, but a spokesperson from the hospital is staying mum on the topic. If we look at the books and when they came out, there was no rise in births -- there was a decline of four percent. But it's a little different because maybe we were too busy reading to have sex so there wasn't an exact timeframe to pinpoint a baby boom. And maybe we are very visual creatures who need to see it on screen for a result. We'll be waiting for November to see what happens!

Do you think there will be a baby boom in November thanks to the release of Fifty Shades? Did you see the movie and did it put you in the mood for LOVE?


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