3 Alternate 'Fifty Shades' Endings We Could See in Unrated DVD (VIDEO)

fifty shades of greyBecause we cannot get enough. Because we need more, more, more. Because Ana. Because Christian. Fifty Shades of Grey is coming to DVD and it's not only unrated for our viewing pleasure, it has new scenes and an alternate ending. Yes! Thank you! Let's talk about what this alternate ending should be!


Spoilers ahead!

Check out the teaser trailer for the DVD release:

I have some ideas on this alternate ending ....

Instead of ending on a sad note where Ana flees in the elevator and they say each other's name in dramatic fashion and the doors close, what if Christian stops the elevator instead? We know Christian loves elevators. The ending could be hot. He gets on, realizes the error of his hard spanks and they get all lip bite-y and hot stuff and maybe Ana shows a little bit of dom by grabbing the back of his hair and the elevator instead closes on them in there going at it.

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Or, they could end it in the red room of pain, with Ana not using her safe word. This gives it a darker ending. And leaves viewers hating on Christian. The scene could be Christian hovering over her. He's sort of losing control. Ana's bum all red with ouch. Ana's tears dropping on the leather could be the final shot. Dramatic.

Maybe we can go bananas and have an ending where Ana turns the tables on Christian, and they are in the red room of pain with Ana's bum getting flogged and then, somehow! She is able to loosen her wrist ties and we cut to just her hand grabbing a flog for herself. Intrigue! End scene! Did she flog him? Did she show him who is boss? What in the what?

Of course all are better than Ana running home and sobbing in tears like she did at the end of the book. The DVD is released on May 1!

Are you excited about Fifty Shades on DVD with the alternate ending? Which alt ending do you like best or want to see?


Image via Fifty Shades of Grey/Instagram

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