'50 Shades of Grey' Producer Has Us Biting Our Lips Over Sequel

fifty shades of grey

The only thing that should come between any of us and the sequel of Fifty Shades of Grey is a light spank on the bottom. (Start slow, people, start slow!) Fifty Shades Darker needs to happen. We can't be left in the elevator like that. But with these reported salary demands, the film's producer Dana Brunetti has some words for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan that might cause the whole thing to be anti-climactic.


Dana Brunetti is a big time producer. BIG TIME. Aside from Fifty Shades, he has produced The Social Network, House of Cards, and Captain Phillips. The guy knows what he's doing. He has worked with Tom Hanks. TOM HANKS!

Dakota and Jamie are small fries to him. So if the rumors are true, if Dakota and Jamie are asking for more money before they make the sequel, Brunetti just dropped a major statement that basically tells them to forget about it. Commence nail biting. Commence lip biting! Brunetti told The Hollywood Reporter:

Look, when I was starting out and had to cut my teeth and build my résumé to get in, I had to basically work for free on a lot of things. I still take reductions in my fees for the opportunities to do certain things. So I’m not going to cry for anybody who wants to be in this business just because a thing they were involved in did very well and they didn’t get paid [a lot]. That’s not the deal that you made. If it was, I’d have more than a couple Ferraris because all the money my films have made is f—ing insane. You’ve got to start somewhere.

Well he told them. The red room of pain is nothing compared to the ferocity of that tongue lashing. (Did you just get aroused?) So many emotions in the air. So many worries. What will happen? Our Ana and Christian only got paid $250,000 each for the first movie and it made bank. Can't he throw them a little more?! For the love of all things to tie us up and tie us down!

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Brunetti also addressed the bit that director Sam Taylor-Johnson isn't returning. He said, "No idea. We literally have no idea what we’re going to do. I have not even met with the studio or anybody yet about the second film."

Yikes. I feel like a scolded schoolgirl. I just want a sequel. I need to see what happens after the elevator. Ana. Christian. Please! Of course, thinking in perversions, this could all be part of the master plan. Make us beg. Make us worry. Make us want it so bad we can hardly handle the fact that we might not get it. Anticipation. They have got to work this out.

Do you think there will be a standoff between the stars and Brunetti? What will happen?!


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