Jamie Dornan Makes Startling Confession About Playing Christian Grey (VIDEO)

Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan, our Christian Grey, our sexy sadist and brooding psychopath. Sounds like some of my ex-boyfriends. But Jamie's worried, you see. He's worried about how easily and skillfully he was able to slip into these roles where he flogs and murders young women, and he quite likes it. Which means one thing ....


Jamie, the real life Jamie, loves role-play. Perhaps he is more like Christian Grey than we thought. Yes! Only the best parts. None of the cardboard. All of the abs. I don't even need all of the cars. In fact, he can leave most of his toys from the red room of pain in there and just pick out a few for fun.

Jamie, winning our hearts one quote at a time, said: "It kinda worries me sometimes how comfortable I am in that zone. I consider myself quite light-hearted, pretty easy-going, and I keep playing sick psychopath bastards!" In case you haven't seen him in action with Gillian Anderson on the BBC show The Fall, here's a look at the upcoming season three.

He's so hot when he's bad. But he's an actor. Actors act, right? Right. I bet he also had to practice a lot to get his role as Christian perfect. Have to hit that ass just so in order to get the best shot. Practice makes perfect.

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Regarding this concern about "how comfortable" he was playing a serial killer and sexual deviant, I'm just going to chalk it up to the fact that he's imaginative, creative, daring, and has an affinity for perversion. All the qualities many of us look for in a mate. Of course, no one but his wife Amelia Warner gets to experience that. Oh, and Dakota Johnson does too for make-believe as Ana in Fifty Shades of Grey. Lucky ladies. And he's one lucky man.

What do you think of Jamie admitting he's quite comfortable in these deviant roles?


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