'Fifty Shades Darker': 11 Stars Who May Slip Into Mrs. Robinson's Louboutins (PHOTOS)

denise richards as elena lincoln fifty shades darkerNow that we know Fifty Shades Darker is 100 percent ON, fans are salivating for info about the next installment of the franchise. Specifically, who will star as Elena Lincoln, the woman who dominated Christian Grey, taught him everything he knows about BDSM, and who Anastasia Steele nicknames "Mrs. Robinson"?


Back when the first flick was being cast, there was been plenty of buzz about a slew of incredible actresses being up for the role. But now that we've gotten a feel for how E.L. James' world translates to the big screen, it's a whole new ball game ...

Here, 11 stars who we could totally see in the role.

Who would you like to see play Elena?


Image via Splash News

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