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'Fifty Shades Darker': 11 Stars Who May Slip Into Mrs. Robinson's Louboutins (PHOTOS)

Movies Maressa Brown Mar 18, 2015

denise richards as elena lincoln fifty shades darkerNow that we know Fifty Shades Darker is 100 percent ON, fans are salivating for info about the next installment of the franchise. Specifically, who will star as Elena Lincoln, the woman who dominated Christian Grey, taught him everything he knows about BDSM, and who Anastasia Steele nicknames "Mrs. Robinson"?

Back when the first flick was being cast, there was been plenty of buzz about a slew of incredible actresses being up for the role. But now that we've gotten a feel for how E.L. James' world translates to the big screen, it's a whole new ball game ...

Here, 11 stars who we could totally see in the role.

Who would you like to see play Elena?


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Image via @Parisa/Splash News

1Cate Blanchett

Sure, she is now burned into our brains as Cinderella's stepmother, but last year, she was Woody Allen's leading lady in Blue Jasmine. So who's to say that next year, the tremendously talented blonde couldn't take a turn as Mrs. Robinson? It would certainly be a coup to get her cast!

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2Sienna Miller

At just 33, Sienna's a bit young to be cast as a woman who's supposed to be at least 20 years Christian's senior (so, in her late 40s-early 50s?), but you know Hollywood! AND she's a former flame of Jamie's in real life, so the chemistry would certainly be there!

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3Denise Richards

There's been some buzz that the Wild Things star could be one glam pick to step into Elena's heels. We'd have to agree!

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4Charlize Theron

The Dark Places star probably a longshot, but Fifty Shades fans have basically been envisioning her in the role of Mrs. Robinson since the story's inception. So, until the final casting is announced, #believe.

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5Kim Cattrall

Best known for portraying Samantha Jones on Sex & the City, the veteran actress is a fan fave to play Elena -- for obvious reasons! She's expressed interest in the part, so it's quite a possibility! Plus, she was born in the U.K., so that should endear her even more to the production team who are mostly from across the pond, eh?

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6Carla Gugino

In 2012, reports were flying that Spy Kids and New Girl star Carla Gugino had been cast as Elena. Producer Dana Brunetti shot the rumors down, and we haven't heard a peep about her involvement since, but her name had to come from somewhere! We think she'd make an amazing Elena, if the buzz becomes official at some point.

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7Uma Thurman

Like Charlize and Kim, Uma Thurman has been one of those "holy grail" picks for Fifty Shades fans since day one. And she's played beautifully opposite hot, younger men before (see: Prime). Again, a longshot, but surely, producers would be PSYCHED to have her.

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8Amber Valletta

The Hitch star and model certainly has that cool blonde look we envision when we think of Elena. No wonder she's made many a fan's wish list.

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9Marion Cotillard

The French beauty, who took home an Oscar for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose and has also starred in a slew of French and American films like Inception, Midnight in Paris, and Love Me If You Dare, would be out of this world in any role, including Elena Lincoln.

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10Naomi Watts

The British actress definitely doesn't seem to shy away from challenging roles of all different genres, so it's totally possible that if she was given a shot at portraying Elena, she'd take it!

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