'Fifty Shades Darker': 8 Things We Know So Far

jamie dornan dakota johnsonFans just got their first taste of the movie adaptation of EL James' erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, but they already want more. And we do too. Fifty Shades Darker, the second book in the trilogy, has yet to start filming, but there are many exciting developments in the making of the next installment.


From new characters and actors to some behind-the-scenes shake ups, there are a ton of changes coming your way. But here's what we know about the highly-anticipated part two, so far:

  1. It is happening. 100%. Surprisingly, it took a while to confirm, but the sequel is definitely coming. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson confirmed that the studio will not only produce Darker, but we can also expect Freed.
  2. There's a big pay raise coming. It's been reported that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson each made $250,000 for Fifty, but the second film is expected to give them a major boost. Much like Jennifer Lawrence, who earned $500,000 for The Hunger Games, but $10 million for it's sequel, both stars are looking for a bigger paycheck. Rumors are, they're seeking hefty multi-million dollar deals for the next film alone.

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  3. And Dornan is definitely staying. The rumors have circulated about whether or not the model-turned-actor would reprise his role as Christian Grey. Insiders have spilled that Dornan's wife, Amelia Warner, was not too happy with the racy scenes her husband had to film and was insisting that he not return. The official verdict: He's all in.
  4. Expect a change in command. Taylor-Johnson famously feuded with author James throughout filming of the first flick. Now, we're hearing that Taylor-Johnson and screenwriter Kelly Marcell will be walking away from the series.
  5. James wants even more power. So who's going to handle the script? According to sources, James wants to write the screenplay herself and demands for even more control in every aspect of production.
  6. There have been no new cast announcements yet. Elena Lincoln (Mrs. Robinson) is the most heated addition to the future cast, but there hasn't been an actress to snag the part yet. The fans, however? They're all for Charlize Theron.

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  7. The exact timeline is very TBD. If the director and screenwriter really do exit, that means we probably won't get a look at the film for up to two years. Most likely, they'll start filming in 2016, and we can look forward to another Valentine's Day release... in 2017. 
  8. It's been set up perfectly. For everyone who's seen it (and at this point, who hasn't?!), Fifty had a rather jarring ending. The cliffhanger last scene gives Darker a perfect jumping off point and we can begin immediately with Christian's attempts to woo back Ana.

What are you most looking forward to in Fifty Shades Darker?


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