Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Will Do Sequels on One Condition

dakota johnson jamie dornanFifty Shades of Grey has really turned our lives upside down and sideways and perhaps even hung us from the ceiling. Imagine what it has done to the film's stars! Dakota Johnson's wrists are tougher and Jamie Dornan has never slapped so much ass. And because of this and the fact the film has made over $528 million dollars worldwide so far, our Ana and Christian are showing how they are both dominant and reportedly making a major demand for the sequels. You guessed it ....


Mo money!

We can't expect a film -- an international blockbuster -- like Fifty Shades of Grey to not make a ton of money. Sex sells! We all know this. And bondage lite is all the rage. And since Jamie and Dakota were paid a measly (for Hollywood blockbuster standards) $250,000, they want more, more, MORE.

And I know that is more money than most of us will ever see in one payday (OMG you know how many ballet lessons and babysitter sessions that can afford me?!?), we have to agree that our sweet innocent Ana and domineering Christian deserve the big bucks. Because if there is more money coming in, the stars of the film should get their share. Besides, this film is about dominance. Of course it is dominating at the box office and of course the film's stars picked up a thing or two or 50 about negotiations and getting what you want.

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Let's review. Ana, our unsuspecting wallflower, bloomed. Her pillowy lips and tight t-shirts couldn't contain her lust to harness the power of Christian. Sure, she's the submissive, but Ana wants this, she wants him, and she is a girl who got what she wanted. She even was able to negotiate a once a week dinner date and rule out anal fisting. Ana gave Dakota the skills to negotiate a pay raise.

Christian, able to convince a virgin to sleep in a bed where (what was it?) 15 other women stayed after being whipped in the red room of pain, gets what he wants. He got Ana to fly in that death trap glider plane with a smile. He's used to people saying yes to him. And armed with that, and that ridiculously sexy smile, I'd say Jamie is ready for a raise and he's going to exert his power to get one.

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This "demand" for more money is a big rumor, but there has to be truth to it. Apparently they want seven figures, not just a measly six. Good luck to the money people handling Fifty Shades -- these stars are hungry, hot, and are used to getting what they want.

Do they deserve raises?


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