Spicy Sex Scenes Cut From 'Fifty Shades' Could Be Made Public Very Soon

red room screencap fifty shadesFifty Shades of Grey fans: Your wish may have finally come true. No, sorry, Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel will not star in Fifty Shades Darker. But that wish for more sexytimes on-screen? Yep! You may be getting some!


Dylan Neal, who played Ana's stepdad in the first installment of the franchise, spoke with the Daily MailOnline and made it sound like the Director's Cut DVD, which should hit shelves in June, will likely include TEN WHOLE NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN, OMG MINUTES of footage. The insinuation being that the extra scenes will be kinky, sextastic, explicit, NC-17-ish that had to hit the cutting room floor for the theatrical debut but that Universal has no prob including on DVD.

Specifically, Neal said:

I would not be surprised if maybe there was some extras in the DVD release or the director's cut. When we were shooting it, they were probably always aiming for an R (restricted) rating. But there was lots of stuff left in the editing room which would push it over into NC-17.

Oooh. That is a major assertion right there. If this actor's prediction fails to come true, he's gonna have a bevy of ticked-off fans to deal with!

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But he's probably right. What could be a better selling point for the DVD?! In fact, if Universal knew what was good for 'em, they'd make sure the clips were, indeed, worthy of an NC-17 rating. For starters, we got plenty of Dakota, but footage of full-frontal manparts probably got axed, because sexist MPAA. So, more naked Jamie, please. More actual O-faces, because that's something else the movie ratings rulemakers hate.

After all, "NOT ENOUGH SEX!" was one of the biggest complaints from fans and critics alike. Here's hoping they don't let us down this time around ...

What would you like those 10 minutes to consist of?!


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